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House of Embodied Metamorphosis


Welcome to House of Embodied Metamorphosis.


We are a spiritual non-profit organization dedicated to the healing, activation, spiritual reclamation, and community connection necessary to create a better future for us all.


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We offer sacred medicine ceremonies so those who desire to connect to their divinity and live a liberated life, can do so safely, with deep support. As a federally-designated faith-based organization, your participation in our ceremonies is protected under the law. Additionally, attending a Metamorphosis experience means membership in our community, which spans borders and continents!

We passionately welcome all cultures, orientations, ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. 

We believe in decentralized spirituality and personal sovereignty. This means we center our experiences around creating opportunities for you to discover and strengthen your individual spiritual connection.

Every member benefits from a deepened understanding of your own spiritual practices - tailored to your life experiences.

Relationships are a significant part of your growth process, which is why we offer monthly Metamorphosis Community calls to foster connection throughout those we serve. 

We learn from every member of our community and welcome all those who desire to grow and claim their spiritual birthrights. 


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Our community is the strongest method of sharing this work with the world--so please share this page and work with your friends and family!

With your support, we will:

  • Increase access to in-person retreats¬†
  • Grow our online course library
  • Expand personalized coaching programs & facilitation mentorship¬†¬†
  • Create a scholarship fund for wider access to all the Metamorphosis offerings

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Learn more about how psychedelics can create powerful personal and social changes in this comprehensive research paper authored and published by our co-founder, Susannah Rose Stokes.

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House of Embodied Metamorphosis


It is a privilege it is to serve our community. The sacred work of becoming is intimate and profound. Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for your time and enthusiastic support. It means the world to us. 


With Deep Gratitude, 

 Ashley, Susannah, and Jenna


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