About Us

Our Ethos and Our Team

Our Mission is To Empower All Humans to Remember Truth, and Live Free. 


We know courage is required to show up and move through discomfort. Courage gives us the strength to face our fears and shadows, and choose to grow from the experience. 


We believe trust provides the strong foundation to stay committed to our highest path. As we seek expansion, trusting our self, others, and the process is key to receiving the gifts we most desire. 


Finally, the wisdom gained from our growth work allows us to embody truth. Through cultivating access to Divine wisdom, we foster a deep relationship with our individual and collective purpose. 

We are Metamorphosis


Thank you for coming to explore and learn more about Metamorphosis. We are excited to support you on your journey. We are grateful for all those who seek healing because as individuals come together to evolve, this world changes. The world becomes brighter. Our communities become more connected. Darkness recedes. And the true beautiful nature of this wondrous life shines more brightly. These are just some of the reasons why we’ve created Metamorphosis. 

Metamorphosis Features

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This is Our Story


We created Metamorphosis to honor the sacred work of personal and collective healing. After years of doing our own work, we know that the load is lighter when it is not carried alone. We’ve seen exponential growth when we come together to support, share, and dream of a better future. So we have devoted ourselves to answering the call to create opportunities for those who need and want to come together and heal.

Metamorphosis¬†can be defined by¬†more than just ‚Äúto change.‚ÄĚ Metamorphosis is the power of evolution. Metamorphosis has meaning. It‚Äôs not accidental, the ways in which we grow. Metamorphosis is not to¬†simply¬†adapt - it means to pave a path forward for oneself, and others. Your Metamorphosis matters. It matters to us and¬†defines the quality of loving connections in your life. Your healing matters. Our ability to dive in and do what it takes to heal, impacts how each¬†of us¬†show up in the world, the degree to which we can each contribute, how we can solve problems, together. Most importantly when we go through Metamorphosis' we are able to come into intimate relationship with our truest nature - our divine design.¬†We have devoted ourselves to this sacred path and process.¬†

Ancient cultures understood ceremonial wisdom. Many cultures practiced ceremony, ritual, and tradition to foster intimate relationship with our highest Self. We are blessed to benefit from their knowledge. It is our honor to create ceremonies following their example, while honoring our own lineage. It is a joyful opportunity to create containers, coaching, and online programs specifically designed for shared and individual healing. Each of us at Metamorphosis has devoted ourselves to learning the most innovative and trustworthy techniques of the modern spiritual and psychological age to serve alongside ancient wisdom. We create experiences, and support systems, to share truth.

We are deeply grateful for all of those willing to leave the familiar shores of their current self and cross the vast ocean of uncertainty, fear, shadow, and doubt - to dissolve who they thought they were, to become who they were always meant to be.

Please join us as we build a community, a movement, and a new era of heart centered living where all human beings are empowered to remember the truth of who they are - and to live into that truth joyfully and freely every day.


Values Based Action 


We believe in values-based action. Our values underpin everything we do. 

When we founded Metamorphosis, we knew being clear about how and why we take action is every bit as important as what we hope to achieve. 

We believe our core values will continue to serve all those in healing, as they have served each of us. 

Trusted Techniques


We blend ancient ceremonial knowledge with modern healing techniques to guide you on a transformative journey. We facilitate with deep respect for the heritage of this work, and continually invest in mastering cutting edge personal development tools.

Some of the methods we use are:

4 Layers of Healing


BODY | Anchoring evolution into the body for nervous system regulation and trauma healing.


HEART | Developing emotional intelligence to navigate the full spectrum of emotions.


MIND | Updating belief systems for crystalized visioning and values based action.


SPIRIT | Decentralizing spirituality to foster individual relationships with the Divine and community connection.

By fully meeting all layers necessary for complete healing and activation, we are able to support lasting change in our clients.


Meet Our Founders

Jenna Strike

Our Certified Master Coach, Ceremonial Facilitator,  & Heart Healing Guide, will teach you The Way of the Council and hold you in unconditional love, so you may establish deep and lasting connections.

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Susannah Stokes

Our Embodied Consciousness Guide, Ceremonial Facilitator and Maestra of Energy Flow, will guide you toward root-cause healing, so you may fully complete negative patterns and walk away with a sense of rebirth.

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Ashley Gates

Our Personal Body Reclamation & Nurture Guide, Somatic Intimacy Coach, and Professional Chef, will give you the tools you need to develop a loving and balanced relationship with your physical body to live a joyful, embodied life.

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Let Others Inspire You

"No emotion comes up any longer from all the years of trauma and abuse. I couldn't really control the emotions coming up before - but it has been cleansed from my body and it isn't there now when I remember." 




"It was the best experience of my life outside of having my two wonderful children.‚Ä̬†


Everything has changed for the better. I want everyone I know and love to work with you.


"It was as if the calling to be in ceremony with all of you was preparing me for what was going to happen next.


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