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Meet The Team

Jenna Strike

Our Certified Master Coach, Ceremony Facilitator, and Emotional Intelligence Guide will help you redefine your relationship while inspiring radical responsibility. Jenna lovingly holds all those she serves in deep healing and personal liberation.



Susannah Rose

Our Embodied Consciousness Guide, Ceremonial Facilitator, and Maestra of Energy Flow will guide you toward root-cause healing, so you may fully complete negative patterns and walk away with a sense of rebirth.



Ashley Gates

Our personal Body Reclamation & Nurture Guide, Somatic Intimacy Coach, and Professional Chef, will give you the tools you need to develop a loving and balanced relationship with your physical body to live a joyful, embodied life.



Why We're Here:

To guide the inaugural cohort of aligned healers, coaches, and clients through a 12 - 15 month initiation program designed to support the necessary growth of each member, through to activation of their individual gifts and offerings, culminating in partnership and collaboration. Each member of the cohort receives personal mentorship and support to IGNITE, ILLUMINATE, INCORPORATE, and INITIATE their magic into the world. The Metamorphosis Team offers tools, programs, coaching, and mentorship to help crystallize and magnify the impact and reach of each individual - broadening our community and expanding our collective offerings to our clients. 

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What's Included in Emergence

Stage 1: IGNITE

January 22nd - April 19th (13 Weeks) 


  • Powerful Purpose (13-week online course)
    • This program offers the robust tools necessary to activate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energetics needed for full receiving of your purpose and gifts. You will be met in deep support for the specific healing and calling in of any additional layers of your purpose
  • 1:1 mentorship calls with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team¬†
  • ‚ÄúIn-your-pocket‚ÄĚ support via Emergence Whatsapp Cohort with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team
  • Quarterly ‚Äúoffice hours‚ÄĚ calls to discuss questions
  • Access to monthly Metamorphosis Masterclasses
  • Opportunity to coach PowerFull Purpose upon graduation
    • ¬†


April 22nd - July 19th (13 Weeks) 


  • Body Balance and Emotional Empowerment (13-week online courses)¬†
    • Body Balance provides you an opportunity to reclaim the relationship with your body and access its full potential. This multi-faceted approach with nutrition, somatic, and intimacy works allows you to access your inner wisdom to create rituals and routines for sustainable, long-lasting results.¬†
    • The Emotional Empowerment program offers a wide variety of trauma-informed facilitation techniques and emotional intelligence tools, all grounded deeply in embodiment practices, necessary for calibrating yourself to unshakable confidence and stability in your offerings.¬†
  • 1:1 mentorship calls with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team¬†
  • ‚ÄúIn-your-pocket‚ÄĚ support via Emergence Whatsapp Cohort with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team
  • Access to monthly Metamorphosis Masterclasses
  • Opportunity to coach Body Balance and Emotional Empowerment upon graduation.¬†


July 22nd - October 19th (13 WEEKS) 


  • Energy Essentials + Neuro Reiki Attunement (13-week online course)
    • This program allows you to expand and attune your Energetic channel, activate your energetic toolkit, and fully embody energetics in ceremonial work.
  • Be Served in 1:1 Ceremony as a client and student, trained in the Metamorphosis Method, to learn how to create and hold preparation, a container, and integration support.
  • 1:1 mentorship calls with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team¬†
  • ‚ÄúIn-your-pocket‚ÄĚ support via Emergence Whatsapp Cohort with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team
  • Access to monthly Metamorphosis Masterclasses
  • Opportunity to coach Energy Essentials upon graduation


  • Complete Facilitator Initiation Course
  • Be guided in the curation of and execution of your style and Contribute in a supportive role to a group retreat experience.
  • Both Servers and Facilitators will have the chance to contribute your gifts to the retreat.¬†
  • Crystallize and structure your offerings out into the world, from full offer outline to marketing secrets.
  • Upon graduation, you will be clear, ready, and equipped to fully step into your offerings. We will host you on our website, include you into our sales funnel, and will remain as trusted counsel for you as you move forward.¬†





  • Medicine Mentorship (Additional 3 months after 12 Week Emergence Program)¬†
  • Co-Serve a 1:1 Medicine Retreat with an HOEM Server
  • Trained in how to store, handle and serve medicine according to your unique spiritual connection. Here is where we will also step into deeper instruction on more intimate or sensitive layers of serving medicine.¬†
  • By working side by side with one of the House of Embodied Metamorphosis Servers, directly with a client, you will be intimately and lovingly supported as you step into service. As you learn how to connect with your channel, how to handle potential unforeseen situations, and how to cultivate your specific layers and gifts.¬†
  • This process is ongoing until you are ready and accept a ministerial position in HOEM, which affords you Federal legal protection for your work, provided you accept the Principles of Facilitation, and Code of Ethics, as well as other agreements, and continue to participate in the HOEM Servers Council.

Graduate Designations

Metamorphosis Certified Facilitators

Ongoing Financial Agreement: 20% for all clients who are referred or come to you from Metamorphosis 

  • Featured on Facilitators Page¬†
  • Certified in all EMERGENCE courses / programs¬†
  • Cultivate and clarify your offerings, and expand if you are already practicing!¬†
  • Part of sales funnel and Referrals
  • Community Membership¬†
  • Quarterly Facilitators Call¬†
  • Monthly Mentorship / monthly calls / in your pocket coaching included for each course

House of Embodied Metamorphosis Server

Ongoing Financial Agreement: 10% back to Metamorphosis Ventures + 10% back to House of Embodied Metamorphosis 

  • Certified in all Initiation Program Courses / Programs
  • Featured on the Team page¬†
  • Get your own Landing page¬†
  • Part of Sales funnel and Referrals¬†
  • Community Membership¬†
  • Contribute and Receive Masterclasses¬†¬†
  • The cost of medicine and other Serving infrastructure is covered


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What's next...

  • We will send you an application and Intake Form to ensure you are a good fit.¬†
  • Any questions? Ask now, email [email protected] or schedule a follow up call!¬†
  • Once accepted into EMERGENCE, you will receive information on how to enroll, calendar invites for all the calls, as well as instructions on how to access the program, and details on how we will all communicate throughout.