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Emergence is the ultimate course for achieving your goals.

This 12 - 15 month initiation program is designed for aligned healers, coaches, and clients, to support the necessary growth of each member, through to activation of their individual gifts and offerings, culminating in partnership and collaboration.

Each member of the cohort receives personal mentorship and support to IGNITE, ILLUMINATE, INCORPORATE, and INITIATE their magic into the world.

  • The Metamorphosis Team offers tools, programs, coaching, and mentorship to help crystallize and magnify the impact and reach of each individual - broadening our community and expanding our collective offerings to our clients.
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PowerFull Purpose

PowerFull Purpose is a 13-week supplement-assisted program designed to help you remember your most Power-Full Purpose and step into your true abundant essence.

Partner with our Master of Energy Flow Coach Susannah to align your four Higher Energy Centers-- from Heart to Crown--awakening you to a new frequency of creation and conscious evolution.

Remember the truth of who you are through a full initiation of your higher energy centers.

  • 13 weeks of personalized initiation support & energetic attunement
  • 3 x 60 minute 1:1¬†healing & mentorship¬†calls
  • 3 x¬†Masterclass¬†Calls with your cohort
  • 40+ hours of tools, content & video resources in full online course
  • Access to Metamorphosis Community & monthly community calls
  • ¬†
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Sacred Season


Sacred Season is a 13-week supplement-assisted program designed to activate you into your highest power by cleansing and aligning your energetic channel.

Partner with our Maestra of Energy Flow  Susannah to cleanse, contain and cultivate the body's energy centers, giving you the power to step into personal and professional transformations. 

  • 13 weeks of personalized transformation support & energetic attunement
  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1¬†coaching & Quantum Healing sessions
  • Initiation Kit with 13 week supply of Sacred¬†Supplements
  • 30+ hours of tools, content & video resources in full online course
  • Access to the Metamorphosis Community & monthly community calls
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Body Balance

 A 13-week program that offers you the opportunity to reclaim the relationship with your body and access it’s full potential. This multi-faceted approach with nutrition, somatic and intimacy works allows you to access your inner wisdom to create rituals and routine for sustainable, long lasting results. 

Through this program you will receive: 

  • 13 Weeks of Personalized Support to Reclaim the Relationship with Your Body
  • 13 Weekly Recorded Meditations¬†
  • 30+ Hours of Resources in One Cohesive Online Course
  • Body Balance Gift Box
  • "In Your Pocket" Support via Body Balance WhatsApp Group
  • Access to the Metamorphosis Community & Monthly Group Integration Calls
  • Discounted or Free Access to Metamorphosis Master Classes¬†
  • Optional Upgrade to 3 or 6 1:1 Transformation Coaching Sessions
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Energy Essentials Mini Course

In this four-module course, you'll learn how to master your daily energy flow with our secrets to grounding, clearing, containing and cultivating the ideal vibration in your body. This course is designed to be a resource that you can use weekly to cultivate a regular practice that creates harmony in your energetic field--it's the gift that keeps on giving and giving!

Through this mini course, you'll receive our secrets to...

  • Properly ground your Subtle Energy Body
  • Clear unwanted energies from your Subtle Energy Body
  • Contain your energetic field through¬†our Boundary Bubble method
  • Cultivate the resonance you desire through activating your higher energy centers
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"I had been unable to pull the trigger [on some future goals] for weeks and literally something just washed over me. It was incredible. It was like a leap into the future and lack of indecision disappeared."


"I began this journey from a place of scarcity and lack. Through this course, I was reminded of the sacred in me. It opened my heart into joy."


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