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Steve Dewart is a celebrated leadership coach and strategist, with a rich legacy in transformational guidework and coaching, catering to an array of high-impact leaders, institutions, and diverse organizations across the globe.

I'm Steve, your transformational guide.

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Executive Guidance


Conscious leaders never stop learning because they never stop seeking. These are the people I serve.

Cultivating Leaders


Developing leaders within your organization is the most valuable investment of time and money you can make.

Mindful Strategy


In business today, we often feel torn - do we focus on the company's purpose and health, or that of the many individuals who comprise the organization? My approach is simple; we must hold both.

1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Intensive

Immerse yourself in a transformative three-month journey, tailored to connect you with your deepest visions and intentions. Drawing upon two decades of experience coaching top leaders, both from Fortune 100 companies and early stage startups, I blend my extensive corporate wisdom with profound psycho-spiritual insights to offer a uniquely effective coaching experience.

Your path will be illuminated by a combination of:

  • Strengths-based Coaching: Harness your innate strengths, channeling them to achieve your aspirations.
  • Structured Strategy & Action Planning with Accountability: Construct clear roadmaps and take actionable steps, always held accountable to ensure sustained growth and progress.
  • Embodiment Techniques: Delve deep into practices that fortify your personal power and presence, ensuring you stand grounded in every decision.
  • Nature-Based Guidework: Connect profoundly with yourself, sourcing deep wisdom from the land, forging a deeper connection with the world around you.



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Warrior's Deep Dive for Executives: A Transformational Leadership Program


Co-facilitated by Steve Dewart and Charles Murphy, this intensive retreat is a merger of leadership coaching, meditative introspection, and transformative journeywork. Designed exclusively for high-impact leaders, this immersion invites you to shed layers, harness profound clarity, and unlock an unparalleled version of yourself.

Deep Dive Immersion Features:

  • 2 x 2: 1 Preparation Calls and 2 x 2: 1 Integration Coaching Calls: Prepare and integrate your journey with guidance from both Steve and Charles.
  • 3-Day, 3-Night On-Site Intensive: We’ll gather in a secluded mountain setting where leadership prowess meets deep spiritual grounding.
  • Guided Exploration: Experience 2 expertly guided ceremonies to help you shed constraints and surge forth with renewed clarity and power.
  • Meditative Mastery with Navy SEAL Guidance: Dive deep into the Nyingma Lineage and Dzogchen Teachings with Charles Murphy during 6-weeks of guided instruction ahead of the intensive, integrating essential skills and expanding self-awareness.
    • Lessons involve a dynamic give-and-take where skills taught one week are mirrored back the next, ensuring holistic internalization.
    • Focus begins on recalibrating the nervous system, harnessing breath, posture, and intent, then shifts to understanding the intricate interplay of brain, mind, and conditioned patterns.
  • Nutritional Support: Customized catered meals and ongoing nutritional guidance to nourish body and soul during your stay.
  • In-Depth Support: Access "In Your Pocket" 2:1 Signal Chat support for real-time assistance and reflections throughout the program.



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Deep Dive Immersion: A Journey of Leadership and Self-Discovery


A unique collaboration between Steve Dewart and a skillfully chosen co-guide, the Deep Dive Immersion for Leaders is an intricately designed transformative experience. This retreat empowers leaders to navigate life's challenges with deeper presence, empowering them to lead with authenticity and purpose.

Program Features:

  • Preparation Phase: Gain clarity and set the groundwork with 6 weeks of preparatory guidance, including reflective exercises, mindset practices, and strategic focus. This phase includes 2 coaching calls of 75 min. each to refine your leadership vision and intentions.
  • 2-Day, 2-Night On-Site Immersion: Located in the mountains of Colorado, this retreat offers an escape from daily distractions, enabling profound introspection and growth. The immersion starts with facilitation work and transitions into deep transformative practices, all designed to rejuvenate your leadership essence.
  • Guided Exploration: Experience a guided multi-layered ceremony to help you shed constraints and surge forth with renewed clarity and power.
  • Expert Dual Facilitation: Leverage the combined expertise of Steve's leadership coaching and the insights from a co-guide adept at deep personal introspection, ensuring an environment that nurtures every aspect of a leader's journey.
  • Leadership Integration: Post immersion, two 75 min. coaching calls facilitate the synthesis of insights, helping integrate them into your leadership style and daily life practices.
  • Luxury Accommodations: A peaceful retreat environment conducive to introspection and growth (additional cost).
  • Gourmet Nourishment: Relish in meals curated to energize the body and spirit, enhancing your immersion experience.
  • Continuous Support: Benefit from texting and voice support throughout the program, offering real-time reflections and guidance on your leadership journey.



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Heart Ceremony Immersion: Transformative Journey for Couples


A sacred collaboration between Steve Dewart and a carefully matched female co-guide, the Heart Harmony Immersion is a meticulously crafted experience for couples. This immersive journey fosters profound intimacy, mutual growth, and unwavering unity, preparing partners to thrive together in life's ever-evolving dance.

Program Features:

  • Preparation Support: 6 weeks of preparation support including journal prompts, dietary/physical recommendations, and spiritual attunement, along with 2 x 2:2 75 min. preparation calls to hone your individual and shared intentions.
  • 2-Day, 2-Night On-Site Immersion: Step into a sanctuary of connection and renewal, designed to deepen the bond between you and your partner. Experience the transformative power of ceremony together, shedding shared barriers and embracing a unified path forward.
  • Guided Dual Facilitation: Benefit from the combined expertise of Steve's leadership coaching and an embodiment co-guide, ensuring a comprehensive nurturing environment for both partners.
  • The Way of the Council: Learn how to incorporate this communal practice to foster deep listening, genuine sharing, and unwavering understanding between partners.
  • Integration Support: Post immersion, reflect on your journey with the collective guidance of both guides through 2x 2:2 75 min. video calls.
  • Luxury Accommodations: A private sanctuary set in a serene landscape (additional cost).
  • Gourmet Nourishment: Enjoy customized home-cooked meals, designed to enhance connection and satiate both body and soul.
  • Heartfelt Support: Texting and voice support throughout the engagement, offering real-time guidance and reflections for both partners.


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The Luminary Summit


Dive into an unparalleled guided experience, where Steve Dewart, Jenna Strike, Susannah Stokes, and Ashley Gates unite their unique expertise for a singular purpose: to forge VC partners and startup founders into luminaries. Exclusively tailored for VC Partners, YPO cohorts, and intact startup founder teams, this retreat is a synthesis of holistic leadership, deep emotional alignment, embodied consciousness, and nourishing self-care. It's a journey of transformation, activation, and mastery.

Retreat Features:

  • 3-Day/3-Night High-Touch Retreat Format: Nestled in an exclusive sanctuary, participants indulge in an immersive experience designed to elevate leadership acumen, personal well-being, and team synergy, supported by a stunning natural environment.
  • Quartet of Mastery: Witness the power of collective expertise as all four facilitators collaborate to create a harmonized flow, addressing the multidimensional facets of leadership and personal development: body, heart, mind, and spirit.
  • Guided Facilitation Sessions: Delve deep with our comprehensive 1:1 preparation and integration sessions, expertly matching a guide with each leader, offering unparalleled personal attention and transformative insights.
  • Transformational Guided Group Experience: Through a multi-layered ceremony led by our four guides, embark on a profound exploration that shatters barriers, fortifies bonds, and provides clarity on collective vision and purpose.
  • Embodied & Root-Cause Healing: These sessions pave the path for profound connections, facilitating deep activation and holistic healing.
  • Nourish & Nurture: Be nourished by gourmet meals, tailored self-care regimens, and body reclamation techniques, ensuring a refreshed and revitalized physical and emotional state.
  • Group Strategy & Vision Mapping: Co-create actionable strategies, aligning individual and collective visions to drive transformative impact in the world.
  • Personalized Support & Aftercare: Post-retreat, benefit from a 2-month group WhatsApp Chat for continued guidance, reflection, and integration.

Price available upon application


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Let Others Inspire You

"Steve gently opened the door in my life that allowed me to observe what a new way of being, living, looks like. He held me in perfect balance as I navigated towards the door, showing me the compassion and knowledge that I myself hold, capable of stepping into this new life I now I love. I am eternally grateful for his grace and patience during my own transformation, granting me the autonomy to confidently step with my own stride." 


Charlie M.

"Steve and Niki held a safe and harmonious ceremony for my husband and I to work through the traumatic loss of a miscarriage. Their embodied blend of the divine masculine and feminine, plus their father and mother energies, gave us the spiritual and psychological support we needed to heal. We love them so much!"

Stephanie & David

"Steve Dewart is the real deal. Grounded, trustworthy, super smart, totally present and infinitely kind. There is no one I trust more in this space.”


Jenna B.

"Working with Steve has been one of the great privileges of my adult life. His innate skill, humility, compassion and deep intellect are why he sits at the apex of facilitators in the field of transformational work. I hope you get to experience the gift of working with Steve." 

Alex E.

"I wanted to work with Steve not only because he is an extraordinary leadership coach but he also embodies the spiritual connection that is the core I want to be growing from. He operates as a true channel of light, from a heart-centered place, both as a leadership coach and facilitator."


Courtney S.

"Steve's ability to mirror the unspoken and guide towards hidden truths is truly exceptional. Steve's gentle strength, vulnerability and integrity, helped me to find my own."

Barry W.









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