Are You Ready for a Life-Altering Experience?

PowerFull Purpose offers you more than just a course; it's a journey of profound downloads and remembrance of your life's purpose. 

Imagine having a clear path to follow, making each daily decision with ease, and feeling the surge of intuitive wisdom guiding you. It's time to shed the weight of uncertainty and embrace the joy and lightness that comes with living your purpose. 

Join us now to unlock the magic of purposeful living.

You belong here.

This is a powerful moment in your life that is full of transition, transformation and readiness for growth. 

You are likely ready to change your life forever – to step into the purpose that you’ve always known is there, but haven’t quite been able to put your finger on. You are craving the MOST out of this incredible life and desire to really THRIVE! 

To this, we say congratulations…And it’s exactly why we built PowerFull Purpose.

PowerFull Purpose is a 13-week plant medicine-assisted program designed to activate you into your most power-full purpose by remembering who you are and why you came here. It is a journey to align your four higher energy centers-- from heart to crown--awakening you to a new frequency of creation.

This is your chance to join an intimate cohort of fellow changemakers, leaders and seekers to transform your human experience and step into the most expansive version of yourself yet.

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Is this really for me, though?

Great question. 

You’re looking for something unique, something cutting edge that will give you purpose AND help you magnetize all the goodness that this life has to offer. Because you know that once you align your inner world, the outer world is just a reflection of that.

Perhaps you can relate...


. . . you are feeling resistance or stagnancy in life, maybe through physical, emotional or mental discomfort. You feel like you are ready to just give up because sometimes the discomfort is so intense. (and yet you keep going!) 

. . . you feel this sense that there MUST be something more…something bigger…something beyond what you are experiencing now in life, even if most of your life seems “great” from the outside. There’s something missing, but you can’t quite identify what “it” is.

. . . you are dismantling or deconstructing your life in certain areas…or in many. You’re finding that your job isn’t quite as satisfying as it once was, you’re questioning old relationships or friendships, and you are SO READY for everything to come back into a state of ease, lightness and steadiness.

. . . you have been watching others step into abundance, discovering their natural gifts, embracing their unique talents and finding their power in their soul calling. You have tried other ways of connecting with your gifts, but those ways didn’t work…or they only gave you a taste. You want the real thing!

. . . and even though you may have tried everything–meditation, biohacking, sleep remedies, changing your job or environment, therapy…the list goes on – none of these were permanent fixes to your feeling that you are meant for something more. Something bigger. Something uniquely special to you…

. . . So despite all of these challenges in your life, you keep searching, seeking and expanding to find what “it” is. You follow that small intuitive voice that tells you to surrender, to have faith, and to trust the flow.

… and now here you are!

Ready to step fully into your Purpose.

You're looking for that secret thing that others just "have"...

If you’ve been wondering why some people have just seemed to “find their niche” and then bring in HUGE abundance from that space with almost no effort…you’re not alone. 

I have the same story: I spent years admiring (and envying) those who seemed to just fall into their gifts, without understanding that each of them went through a process to discover and align to their purpose. 

And once they did, they were able to create from a place of ease and constant inspiration, because, after all, they were literally created to do that work. What an incredible concept!

So what changed for me?

The answer: I remembered my purpose.

When I went through my own spiritual awakening, I had an enlightenment experience while meditating on a mountain in California. I remembered my purpose all at once.

A voice dropped in and said, “Susannah… You are a healer; you offer healing to the collective.” And in that moment, I realized that anything outside of my healing purpose was no longer necessary to spend time on. 

That’s how I eradicated FOMO and anxiety of not doing enough from my life. If it didn’t align with my purpose, why do it? 

Through that journey, I also realized that part of my healing work was to assist others (like you) in finding their purpose, and I came to understand that we could “hack” the awakening process.


Here's how it works:

Hacking the Remembering Process

I co-created PowerFull Purpose with our Metamorphosis Leadership Team as a mirror for the exact processes we personally experienced, with each element that helped us awaken into our full potential. But our processes took more than two years…

So, we asked our guides how to create the same type of transformation in a shorter time period, condensing and demystifying this ancient process for those who were coming after me. They helped us co-create the proven 13-week journey of PowerFull Purpose that you see today.

Each participant of PowerFull Purpose has received a download of purpose, clarity on their life mission, or a deeper understanding on their reason for being. This newfound awareness then ripples out into their lives to create a whole new level of boundary-setting, life direction and connection to their intuitive guidance. And of course, light-hearted, joyful living.

If I wasn’t out here “living my best life,” I probably wouldn’t be teaching this. But I am. I am the happiest, lightest and most abundant I’ve ever been. I feel free, creative and inspired. 

I have the home of my dreams, the relationship of my dreams (and then some!), the dog of my dreams and a business beyond my wildest imagination. 

And it’s all because I remembered my purpose.

Magnetize Your Dreams by Stepping into Purpose

Right now, manifestation is all the rage.

And most of what you read on the internet is about controlling your thoughts so you are beginning to *think* about what you want to eventually manifest, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Part of this is rooted in positive psychology, and a lot of it is rooted in our fear of getting to the deeper root cause of scarcity consciousness.

What I have discovered about manifestation is that it is actually about “magnetization,”--and–it is a co-creative effort with the Universe (or whatever greater thing you believe exists!). This means that you must first begin to "vibrate" at the frequency of what you are seeking to attract, by fully believing your New Reality to be true (since your body doesn't know the difference between thought forms and reality).

However, if you try to attract things that aren't aligned with the natural gifts and talents you came to this life with, you'll end up wasting a TON of energy on dead ends.

So here's  the secret first step that many manifestation teachers and courses miss...






The Secret Ingredient to Manifestation

The real first step is: to Remember why you came here, which helps you awaken your natural gifts (and talents that make life feel effortless).

This allows you to get “plugged in” to the Universal flow of things. Then, the Universe can begin to help you understand what resources, connections and types of experiences you need to have in this lifetime to live the path your spirit (you) chose. 

Many manifestation teachers skip this step, however, because they don’t realize how important it is to co-create with the natural flow of things.

Here’s a hint: Essentially, you can spend years and years trying to manifest something into your life, but if it is not aligned with your Purpose (aka you are trying to manifest something that is meant for someone else), all you’re going to do is meet tons of resistance on your path. You will spend tons of time giving, producing and “doing,” without learning how to fully receive and ride the wave of momentum that is naturally flowing from the Universe to support you.

The next step is to cultivate a frequency of the life that you are calling in, that is also in alignment with your Purpose. And once you begin to cultivate that frequency, literally EVERYTHING YOU NEED will be magnetized toward you to walk the path you are meant for.

Are you ready? 

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Hear about the life changing experiences of previous PowerFull Purpose students.


"My personal experience consisted of unlocking untapped creativity within my mind beyond my wildest imagination, then transitioning my heart from feelings of hurt in past experiences to deep healing that allowed me to experience joy of the most profound nature. And just when I thought there couldn't be more, I was able to go even deeper and experience what I can best describe in words as spiritual enlightenment through nirvana.  I came out of the experience seeing the world anew and for the first time through different eyes."



 "I had just closed a chapter personally, felt grounded and centered and was looking for that deeper, more selfless purpose. But I was struggling, nothing was grabbing me. I can't begin to describe the experience in a short comment but can say that the Metamorphosis team once again tapped into some unknown depth of universal consciousness and my purpose hit me all at once in a profound, unexpected way on an unassuming Sunday morning on Week 12. I can only describe it as a profound remembering of why I came here in this lifetime. And it was nothing I thought I was looking for or expecting. Thank you Team Metamorphosis!"


 "It has been a completely drastic shift--something that I've never experienced in my life. It's given me a 'Center North.' Working with this Leadership Team who is so supportive; their guidance, their presence, their intuition, their participation in the exact moment that you need them is incredible. They're able to lead you and guide you through moments that are difficult; they are able to inspire you to reach a little bit deeper; and most importantly, they give you an ability to tap into yourself in a way that's super intimate...and really go there with heart."



What's In It For You:

Personalized Support

  • Customized 13-Week Plant Medicine Supplement Protocol 
  • Three 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with the Metamorphosis Leadership Team
  • Body Balance & Nourishment Session with Nutrition Guide Ashley Marie Gates
  • Heart & Emotional Recalibration Session with Master Coach Jenna Sessions Strike
  • NeuroReiki Energy Attunement Session with Embodied Consciousness Guide Susannah Rose Stokes
  • 1:1 Review of your online course journal entries with personalized text support



Community Connection

  • Daily "in-your-pocket" support & coaching through the PowerFull Purpose WhatsApp group
  • Three live 75-minute expert-led virtual masterclasses on biohacking & consciousness-expanding topics like:
    • transcendental breathwork
    • heart coherence techniques
    • advanced meditation practices
    • sound & vibrational healing transmissions
    • . . . and much, much more!
  • Access to Metamorphosis monthly community integration calls
  • Access to the international Metamorphosis community & events


Resources and Tools

  • 13 Weeks of online content in the PowerFull Purpose virtual course
  • 33+ exercises & activities to activate your intuitive wisdom like:
    • Energetic & emotional boundary-setting
    • Reclaiming a relationship with "Something Bigger"
    • Discovering your Ikigai (reason for being)
    • Recalibrating for magnetizing abundance (releasing scarcity consciousness)
    • . . . and much more!
  • 10+ hours of guided virtual support to guide you toward your purpose
  •  Access to library of recorded expert-led Metamorphosis masterclasses 
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The course breakdown:

PowerFull Purpose is a 13 week transformational journey, with the four higher energy centers–from heart, throat, third eye and crown–as our framework.

Each week, we will cover a different element of the awakening process, from learning how to ground your energy, to creating healthy boundaries (and dismantling emotional walls), to calling in our Spirit Guides.

You’ll get at least two videos of theory on that topic and two audio meditations or activities to complete.

Weeks 4, 8, and 12 are integration weeks, where you’ll have the opportunity to integrate the epiphanies you experienced in the previous 3 weeks. You’ll also get bonus videos during those weeks where I share my personal experiences through the awakening process!


What You’ll Walk Away With…

Receive a profound "download" of your life's purpose and reason for Being

Find a known path to guide your daily decisions

Strengthen your intuitive wisdom

Tap into (and expand!) your innate gifts

Eliminate the fear of not doing or being enough

Banish FOMO

Experience a lighter and more joyful life


How It Works: 

Get The Info: Watch the homework video above and read through this page before you meet with a member of our team.

Secure Your Spot: Enroll directly through our secure links during your Metamorphosis Discovery Call. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need. Once you share your mailing address with our team, we'll ship your 13-week plant medicine supplements directly to you!

Start Your Transformation: Begin with personalized online initiation support and energetic attunement, setting the stage for your incredible journey. 

Masterclasses and Mentorship: Participate in three monthly enriching 90-minute masterclass sessions with our network of expert guest healers/teachers.

Deepen your journey through three 1:1 mentorship and attunement sessions, one with each of our transformational guides:

Ashley Gates - Body Nourishment & Balance

Jenna Strike - Heart & Emotional Recalibration

Susannah Rose Stokes - NeuroReiki Energy Attunement

Connect and Thrive: Join the private PowerFull Purpose WhatsApp group to get "in-your-pocket" support from our Leadership Team, access our extensive online course content, and become part of the vibrant Metamorphosis Community with monthly community integration calls. 


Meet our Coaching Leadership Team

Susannah Stokes

A US Naval Academy graduate and combat Marine Veteran, Susannah is now a dedicated “Warrior for Peace,” serving top leaders to redefine leadership. She brings 15+ years of experience to coaching executives toward their highest potential through sacred ceremony. Fueled by her Master’s work on altered states of consciousness as a means for social change, she is devoted to empowering visionaries in purpose-driven, collaborative work.

Jenna Strike

Jenna is a Master Coach through the Elementum Coaching Institute and Certified Bhakti Yoga Teacher by Rusty Wells. She blends innovative psycho- therapeutic techniques with ancient wisdom to create potent transformational containers. She is trauma informed and somatic based, with a laser focus on emotional intelligence. Redefining values and vision while inspiring radical responsibility, Jenna lovingly holds all those she serves in healing and activation. 

Ashley Gates

Ashley has nourished and supported groups of leaders, communities, and individuals for 10+ years. Her training as a Somatic Intimacy Coach and a chef at Le Cordon Bleu, CCA - reflects her passion for nurturing and healing our bodies as a foundation for expanding into the best versions of oneself. She brings global cultural influences from her travels and inspires those she serves to deepen their relationship with their bodies and food as medicine.

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Testimonials from inspired souls.

As you decide to step into this PowerFull journey, we find that hearing from other amazing beings can be hugely supportive. So, be sure to check out the testimonials below to learn more about how PowerFull Purpose changed their lives…


"I had been unable to pull the trigger on [some future goals] for weeks and literally something just washed over me. It was incredible. It was like a leap into the future, and the lack of indecision disappeared."


"I have completely healed PMDD that plagued me for 8 years. I have left my relationships and am calling in my life partner and he is showing up. I have become nomadic and am exploring the world. Your work is real."


Pricing Options

Pay in Full

One Payment of $6000

($1500 gifted off our usual investment for this special cohort)...and you'll get access to:

  • 13 Weeks of Personalized Activation Support
  • 13 Weeks of Resources & Full Course in One Cohesive Online Platform
  • 3 x 60-minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with our Coaching Leadership Team
  • 3 x Group Mastermind calls with expert healers & guides
  • Energetic Recalibration to Activate Your PowerFull Purpose
  • Daily "In Your Pocket" Support via PowerFull Purpose WhatsApp Group
  • Custom-Designed Supplement Regimen (additional $130 donation requested)
  • Access to the Metamorphosis #SoulFam Community, monthly integration calls & Resource Library
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3 Month Payment Plan

3 Payments of $2150

You get access to:

  •  13 Weeks of Personalized Activation Support 
  •  13 Weeks of Resources & Full Course in One Cohesive Online Platform
  •  3 x 60-minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with our Coaching Leadership Team
  • 3 x Group Mastermind calls with expert healers & guides 
  • Energetic Recalibration to Activate Your PowerFull Purpose
  • Daily "In Your Pocket" Support via PowerFull Purpose WhatsApp Group
  • Custom-Designed Supplement Regimen (additional $130 donation requested)
  • Access to the Metamorphosis #SoulFam Community, monthly integration calls & Resource Library
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It's time to tap into your purpose, make life-changing connections, and experience a profound transformation.


Join us on this journey of self-discovery, clarity, and joy to create a life of purpose and fulfillment.


Have questions or want more information? Feel free to reach out directly to our team at [email protected]