At Metamorphosis, we’ve seen hundreds of people transform their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through altered states of consciousness, especially those created by psychedelics. We especially believe in the power of microdosing psilocybin to bring about monumental life changes through daily, integrative steps in the direction of balance and joy.

 Join our co-founder Susannah Rose Stokes–creatrix of our Sacred Season & PowerFull Purpose microdosing programs–for three powerful masterclasses on the art & science of mindful microdosing, including:

Mindful Microdosing 101
The Science Behind Microdosing
Advanced Microdosing & Meditation

Masterclass #1

Microdosing 101

If you’re new to microdosing or are ready to get started, this masterclass is for you. It will cover:

  • How to design an ideal #SacredSacrament microdosing protocol for your lifestyle
  • Best practices for reducing indigestion and nausea while microdosing
  • How to move through (and heal!) big feelings brought up by the Sacrament in 90 seconds or less
  • Techniques for activating more daily joy through microdosing

Masterclass #2

The Science Behind Microdosing

There’s a growing body of scientific research that gives you an inside look into the power that microdosing has on your body, mind, and emotions. 

In this masterclass, we’ll share with you the power that microdosing with our Sacred Sacrament can have on your holistic well-being. 

  • A deeper look at some of the most up-to-date scientific research studies on microdosing
  • How microdosing impacts your neurological system and recalibrates your brain
  • Working with Sacred Sacrament to heal and update old, unhealthy patterns (faster than you might think possible!!)
  • Techniques for getting the most out of your Sacred Sacrament protocol, from a neuro-biological perspective

Masterclass #3

Microdosing & Meditation

Join our co-founder Susannah Rose as she shares our team’s advanced techniques for mindfulness that will help you integrate your microdosing journey into your real, daily life. She will cover:

  • The theory behind creating tangible changes in your life
  • Rituals for clearing, containing, and cultivating your energy while microdosing
  • Meditative techniques to open you to higher levels of consciousness through microdosing
  • Practices to enhance your spiritual well-being and activate your intuitive guidance throughout your microdosing journey

lifetime access


for all 3 masterclasses

  • Get access to 3+ hours of Masterclass led content on the art and science of mindful microdosing
  • Learn how to design the most ideal microdosing protocol for you and your lifestyle
  • Discover the latest scientific research on microdosing psilocybin and how it impacts the body and mind
  • Experience cutting edge meditative techniques to deepen your awareness toward self-realization
  • And much, much more!

Our Microdosing Masterclasses

With this package, receive lifetime access to three of our signature masterclasses that share our secrets to mastering your mindful microdosing practice. At Metamorphosis, we believe that microdosing with sacred plant medicine is helpful. When you add a mindful practice around it, you'll receive the full power these medicines can offer, leading to incredible transformations in your life. Join our co-founder Susannah for a journey of self-discovery by learning everything you need to know about the art and science of microdosing!