Let's Celebrate

METAFEST is our opportunity to celebrate, in person, together. It’s been a hell of a few years and we’ve seen massive growth, deep/true healing, and powerful activation in our coaching and ceremonies. We want to give those we have seen step up and step forward during this wild time, a place to be celebrated, nourished, and to connect more deeply with other like minded and like-hearted people in the Metamorphosis Community.


Let's Expand

This is also an opportunity for those who haven’t yet experienced the Metamorphosis Magic and are curious, to explore, learn and experience what we offer, without committing to a macro-deep dive ceremonial experience.

This is a chance for those who we have held, supported and served, to share a little bit of what Metamorphosis is all about with those they love and their community. 


The METAFEST vision is to create a landscape for spontaneous joy, conscious collaboration, and spiritual support. It takes more than a village to move through this life, it takes a global community who are living into shared values.

It can be exhausting or easy to focus on how far we have yet to go as a species. METAFEST is a chance for us to admire and appreciate how far we have come, together.

Part of our ethos is to create community. “The work” is more sustainable when it can be incorporated into our lived experience, supported by a community. Connection, shared experience, and support that can be felt in daily life is a part of our responsibility at Metamorphosis, along with our desire to provide lasting integration support. We are creating a global network of closely linked individuals who can not only connect through shared experience, but shared vision. Joy is a huge part of fueling any vision coming to life. So we want to invite joy to be a huge part of this event.

We cannot wait for our second METAFEST event, and plan on doing this every year.


What is it? 

A festival to celebrate how far we’ve come! A place to dream into what’s possible for us right now as individuals, as a community, and as a collective. A nourishing reprieve to relax. To laugh. To Dance. To be connected to nature and receive the desert magic. To share a new strain of medicine to our community - Trinity.

A safe space to offer myriad experiences to foster connection, embodiment, mindfulness, and spirituality. 

Our intention is to curate a light-hearted journey which leaves attendees feeling refreshed, centered, inspired, and with cheeks sore from laughing.

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The following is included with your General Admission ticket:

  • Three days & two nights of curated programming experience 
  • Morning coffee & tea
  • Brunch & Dinners
  • Hot showers & flushing toilets
  • Common facilities: a saloon, tipi, oasis pool, lounge, speakeasy, and a disco nap area. 
  • Large fire pits for gathering
  • Filtered water refill stations

Accommodation Options

IMPORTANT, every attendee must be over the age of 21, purchase a ticket and an additional add-on for our glamping tents or RV Pass. 

We are featuring two accommodation options listed from luxurious to budget-friendly.

*For all details about ticketing and accommodations, please click here*


Fully furnished tents with real mattresses, bedding, tables and lamps.

RV Pass

For RVs and Vans. Please note we do not provide hookups.

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