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...for a one-of-a-kind leadership journey.

Welcome... Cracking the Chrysalis is a unique 5 day immersion designed to accelerate the positive impact of visionary leaders. 

We personally invite you to join our intimate gathering, nestled in the jungles of Costa Rida at Holos Global, to be enriched and supported by our team of 4 world-class facilitators. 

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The  Experience

November 13-17, 2024


  • 2 Nights of Sacred Medicine Ceremony with World Class Guides for Accelerated Evolution
  • Powerful Practices and Tools for “Above the Line” Commitment to Conscious Leadership of Others and Self
  • 1:1 Coaching Support to Personalize Your Experience for Your Unique Needs and Cultivate Potent Internal Resources toward a Clarified Vision
  • Group Coaching to Magnify Relational Skills and Co-creation Techniques
  • 4 Levels of Activation: You are Supported Spiritually, Psychologically, Emotionally and Physically, Allowing for Full Trust, Expansion, and Safety
  • Food-As-Medicine Curated Culinary Nourishment and Somatic Integration
  • Nature Immersion and Medicine Walk Interconnects and Aligns Purpose with Earth-Based, Intuitive Wisdom
  • A Full Arc of Support to Thoroughly Prepare and Integrate the Experience
  • Mastermind Community Become Part of an Intimate Cohort of high-level Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Business Leaders.
  • PLUS access to Metamorphosis Monthly Community Calls


Our Ethos

Given our shifting reality, 20th-century leadership strategies do not serve the necessary pace of change. It’s time to reimagine what’s possible, what’s likely, and how we can manifest a new story for humanity, our communities, and ourselves.  We come together to co-create a radically authentic group field, fueled by each individual’s presence and power. Using this activation energy, we clarify how to apply newly gained wisdom toward meaningful goals in the organizations we lead and create the future we invoke. 

Eco Accomodations

More than being “on” the land, our immersion takes places “in” the sacred land of Costa Rica. Perched atop the ridge of the Diamante Valley, you will be nourished by the stimulating scents, stunning beauty, and luxuriously spacious glamping tents. 

Holos Transportation

Shuttle service to and from the airport is coordinated to ensure you feel welcomed and cared for every moment of your journey - from landing to take off.


Gourmet Cuisine

As part of our commitment to 4 Levels of Activation, our Cordon-Bleu certified Chef and Body Facilitator crafts nourishing and intentionally curated meals crafted from locally-sourced, organic ingredients. The culinary experience thoughtfully supports the best energy for potent ceremonial experiences, as well as deep physical healing.

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Let Others Inspire You.

"I’ve been seeking deeper connection and insight into the nature of reality and Self. Jenna, Susannah, Ashley, and Steve have been incredible guides and facilitators of the highest integrity. Their collective expertise with various spiritual lineages and healing modalities makes for a rare, beautiful, and powerful confluence that is harmonized by their commitment to authenticity and healing."


"Your retreat changed my life. That's a bold statement and I wouldn't use it if it wasn't absolutely true."


"Through this work, because I've opened up to the Universe, it's responding to me."


"For how transformational this experience was for me--it's priceless."


Meet our World Class Facilitators:



Jenna is a Master Coach through the Elementum Coaching Institute and Certified Bhakti Yoga Teacher by Rusty Wells. She blends innovative psycho- therapeutic techniques with ancient wisdom to create potent transformational containers. She is trauma informed and somatic based, with a laser focus on emotional intelligence. Redefining values and vision while inspiring radical responsibility, Jenna lovingly holds all those she serves in healing and activation. 

Steve Dewart

Steve Dewart works with high-impact leaders and change-makers who are dedicated to bringing about a better world. He brings 20+ years of experience guiding leaders of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and universities. Steve is also a trained vision fast guide through the School of Lost Borders and a gifted facilitator of embodiment ceremonies. He enjoys leading deep dives in beautiful settings.

Susannah Stokes

A US Naval Academy graduate and combat Marine Veteran, Susannah is now a dedicated “Warrior for Peace,” serving top leaders to redefine leadership. She brings 15+ years of experience to coaching executives toward their highest potential through sacred ceremony. Fueled by her Master’s work on altered states of consciousness as a means for social change, she is devoted to empowering visionaries in purpose-driven, collaborative work.

Ashley Gates

Ashley has nourished and supported groups of leaders, communities, and individuals for 10+ years. Her training as a Somatic Intimacy Coach and a chef at Le Cordon Bleu, CCA - reflects her passion for nurturing and healing our bodies as a foundation for expanding into the best versions of oneself. She brings global cultural influences from her travels and inspires those she serves to deepen their relationship with their bodies and food as medicine.

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